Written by Gloria Vitaly, Frida Loeberg and Eigil Karlsen

You better move to the beat of the drums that were going on at the All Saints Church on Tuesday evening.

We sure couldn’t stay still when six talented drummers from Schlagwerknordwest Percussion gave us rhythmical and unforgettable evening in Drums and More – Percussion In Concert.

A variety of different rhythmical instruments created a marvellous show where they preformed different types of music.

With amazing coordination and precision they left the audience speechless. Schlagwerknordwest was founded in 1999 as a project of Musikschule Oldenburg Germany.

The group is one of Germany’s best ensembles and have won prizes and awards in the final round of the annual national music competition Jugend Musizier which involves around 6000 participants every year.

The performance was unusual compared to other bands at the festival.

The urge to dance to the traditional rhythms grew stronger and stronger during the performance and the ensemble created a lively atmosphere for the audience. |

They surprised a lot by using a lot of different and unusual instruments, such as stones and kitchen equipment.

The German group had a lunch break in the middle of the piece, which was a funny twist we haven’t seen before.

All in all the show astonished us in many ways.

Unfortunately the group have already left IYAF but luckily you can listen to and buy their album on iTunes and Amazon.

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Based on information supplied by Matt Gleinig.