Written by Eigil Ingunnsønn Karlsen and Frida Elisabeth Løberg

Soldier’s tale tells the story of a soldier that makes a pact with the devil.

He sells his beloved fiddle for a cursed book.

The musical parable is written by Igor Stravinsky and is performed with new choreography by Jaered Glavin.

Constella Ballet and Orchestra tell the story with dancing, acting and music.

Great actors, talented dancers, marvellous musicians and a scrumptious narrator show us an astonishing performance with good timing and synchronization.

Even though the dance sequences sometimes were too long and therefore a little bit boring, the show was absolutely wonderful.

When the narrator told the story while the dancers were dancing at the same time, we got a better understanding of the link between dancers and actors.

There were few props on stage, which made it easier to keep the focus on the story and the performers.

There was not a big audience, but those who were there seemed to really enjoy it.

Sadly this was their only performance at the IYAF festival.

It was a marvellous experience, and we hope to have the opportunity to see them again at next year’s festival.

Based on information supplied by Matt Gleinig.