Written by Gloria Vitaly

Children’s laughter, suitcases, music and puppetry.

Tiger Boat Theatre Company preformed the show

Pierre and the sunfish at Rose Café with a great reception.

A crowd of children and parents gathered together to see the unusual performance, which combines beautiful puppetry with storytelling and music to create a wonderful atmosphere for the young audience.

A tail about Pierre and the sunfish is more than a story, which is based around moral.

The Theatre Company created a story by using a lot of different and exciting effects to make the play marvellous.

Pierre met a sunfish at the beach that told the little boy a story about the fish Mola.

A new and wonderful world was created for the children.

The artists got a lot of attention from the children by using drawings, music and touchable effects in order to create engagement among them.

Even if it was hard for the small kids to follow the whole fairy-tale, the artists did a great job capturing their attention.


Based on information supplied by Matt Gleinig.