Written by Juan Escalona and Loreto Saenz

Shoestring player, a group from the University of South Carolina, has brought us All About Ives, an absurd comedy that consists of a collection of short plays that reflects the American way of human interactions, making it dynamic and funny.

What made the play so creative was the use of different techniques, such as performing the same situation once and again just by changing the first sentence which made the show evolve in different ways.

Another original idea was making three different situations at the same time.

The rhythm of the play was quite fast which made it more dynamic and enjoyable for the audience. It did work as it made the audience laugh.

Even though the humor used was more mordant than we are used to, it was still hilarious.

If you've missed the show, don't worry.

All about IVES is playing on Wednesday, July 17 at 2.30pm at the Tiffin Studio.

Based on information supplied by Matt Gleinig.