Written by Frida Løberg, Gloria Vtaly, Eigil Ingunnsønn Kalsen.

The mood at Rose Theatre café started at 9.30pm, where the Circus Suburbia Youth Circus performed the show Persephone.

The young artists aged between 11 and 16 showed us an amazing show by using unusual elements.

Many creative young people managed to convey the story by acting, singing, dancing, juggling and acrobatics.

Circus Suburbia Youth Circus retells an old Greek myth about Persephone, the daughter of Zeus.

Hades fell in love with the beautiful Persephone, and he abducted her to the underworld where she became queen.

The circus group retells the story in a different way about Persephone, who had the power to curse men upon the souls of the dead.

A variation of music under the performance showed a different side of the story.

Despite the group sometimes having bad synchronization, our high expectations were not let down.

Individually they impressed with unbelievable strength and flexibility.

During the performance the trapeze stunts, which are about five metres above the floor, blew the audience away.

The only two boys who were a part of the circus impressed the crowd with juggling and riding the unicycle.

Other amazing dexterity the circus group showed us were with silks, hula-hoops and aerial acrobatics.

The show went on and it made sure we all had a magical evening.

You have the chance to see this splendid show at the Rose.

Persephone will be playing again on Thursday, July 18 at 7pm and on Tuesday, July 23 at 5.30pm.

Based on information supplied by Matt Gleinig.