Written by Gloria Vitaly and Frida Loeberg

Nobody knew what to expect when they arrived at the IYAF grand opening show.

Once they entered the theatre, they where overwhelmed by the lively atmosphere in the café.

Later on the performances showed us a variety of different talents from the young people.

We enjoyed a cappella singing, children’s choir, acting and other exciting performances.

This was a great taste of the whole festival, which is coming up over the next two weeks.

During the show we got to see many talented artists of different ages and nationalities. As the artists showed us short scenes from each performance, our desire to see more grew stronger.

Every gap was filled with entertainment such as acrobatics in the hall and live music in the café.

The atmosphere was marvellous in which everyone felt welcome and comfortable.

After a great show the ending left a fantastic impression of the beginning of the festival.

The mood was still on top as the live music turned on.

The party was just getting stated and the roof was raised. And this is only the beginning of the IYAF festival!

Based on information supplied by Matt Gleinig.