A driver whose car mowed down pedestrians and smashed into a bus during Kingston’s rush hour said he panicked after colliding with a cyclist who shouted at him.

A woman, who sustained non-life-threatening leg fractures, was airlifted from Cromwell Road after the crash outside Kingston train station at about 6pm last night.

Two others were injured though not seriously, police said.

A man who had fled war-torn Syria and a woman were taken to Kingston Hospital.

Surrey Comet:

Last night it was thought the cyclist was hurt but police did not list him this afternoon as one of three people injured.

Shibo Li, 49, the manager of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Fife Road, was at the wheel of the BMW that careered out of Fife Road the wrong way into Clarence Street.

He was also injured and treated in the town centre before spending the next few hours inside his shop.

Mr Li said he lost control of the car after colliding with a cyclist who shouted at him.

He said: “It is really regrettable all this happened. I just wish them to get better quickly and wish them the best. I am very, very sorry.

“I was panicked and lost control of the car.

"It happened really quickly and I didn’t have any time to think about it. I was shocked and shaking."

He said: "Of course I regret. But it is not just my fault.

"He started shouting and caused my panic. I was panicked and lost control of the car.

"I think people cycling, they need to pay due attention. There are too many bicycle people on the road.

"They do not really watch the other people. Sometimes they just come quickly.

"I never expected this would happen to me."

Surrey Comet:

The road between Kingston train station and the Cappadocia restaurant was taped off and closed for hours while an investigator surveyed and photographed the wreckage.

The bus was driven away at about 10pm.