A flasher had a prison sentence for sexual assault hanging over him, and was waiting to be handed another, when he exposed himself to a woman taking the bus to work.

Justin Willis, 19, flashed at a woman on the 281 bus last December.

A judge had already given him a 50-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, at Blackfriars Crown Court last May, after he sexually assaulted a woman on a train in February.

He was also put on the sex offenders register.

But, less than a month later with the prospect of prison in the background, he sexually assaulted another woman in a nightclub.

He was handed another suspended prison sentence, of 15 months, when a judge, this time at Reading Crown Court, sentenced him in January this year.

Suspended sentences mean a criminal is given a chance to stay out of trouble, with the threat of a prison stretch if they re-offend.

Willis has been warned he could face prison at Kingston Crown Court when he is sentenced for indecent exposure.

After a hearing last Thursday he was released on bail and told not to use public transport.

Defending, Adrian Macho said Willis, from Camberwell, had not committed sexual offences since the beginning of December last year, and had attended weekly meetings with youth workers.

But Judge Fergus Mitchell said he wanted to know more about Willis’s mental health before sentencing him.

He said: “I am not letting this man out on the streets to do this all again if we have not made some progress.

“I have got the public to think about in all this.”

Willis will be sentenced on Wednesday, June 19.