A Tolworth barber who became a YouTube sensation will be taking his whole troupe to the stage this summer.

Dominic Othol, 26, who owns Smokey’s Barbers in the Broadway, will soon be launching his theatrical debut at the Manchester International Festival this summer.

Mr Othol said: “The show is based on actors coming in and watching the barbers and how they work.

“I hooked up with a friend of mine, Jazzie. He has taken the whole barber shop and made it into what it is.”

Jazzie Zonzolo, a comedian and actor, created and directed the mockumentary-style of the YouTube series – called Smokey’s Barbers – which is filmed at the shop.

Mr Othol said: “The YouTube series has helped the whole shop. Now everybody’s shouting about Smokey’s Barbers.”

The series has already had more than 3m views.

Mr Othol will not, however, be acting in the festival production.

He said: “I like to sit back and be the individual that nobody sees. That is my way.”

The troupe is hoping to move on to the Rose Theatre and is eager to tour around the UK.

Mr Othol said: “Taking it to the theatres will be a great idea, with people seeing us live and how we actually are.”

He said he learned to cut hair when he was serving time in prison.

He said: “I opened the shop because I wandered on to the wrong path. I had a bad experience.

"But people who know me and know my skills said I should open up a shop.”

He works with two other people, and regularly offers lessons to other aspiring barbers.