A man from Chessington is getting ready to embark on a two-year round the world cycle tour for charity.

In just two months, Ed Sutton will set off on a steel bicycle to begin an incredible journey across the globe, taking in 75 countries and six continents.

Mr Sutton, 37, from Chessington Hill Park, is planning to survive on £30 a day and rely on good Samaritans to put him up for a night, as he makes his way through Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America, North America and Africa.

He is hoping his excursion raises £20,000 to be split between two charities – Water Aid and Street Child of Sierra Leone.

Mr Sutton, who works at the Disney Store in Hammersmith, said: “I wanted to do something different, a bit special. Now I have got two charities and I want to cycle around the world, and raise as much money for them as possible.”

Having grown up in Surbiton, he has lived in Barcelona and has travelled as far as Sierra Leone and Vietnam, where he completed a 1,000km cycle ride.

He said: “Training is all part of it. I bought a particularly strong bike. It is one thing to cycle normally in a race on a carbon bike, and another thing cycling around the world. I bought a steel bike and have been cycling over Box Hill.

“I do not have one second of the route organised yet. I know I am going to Paris, but it gets a bit complicated once you get out of Europe.

“I am very worried that the money will run out. I am worried about some dangerous places or being lonely. I will be doing this by myself so that is quite scary. The actual cycling and amount of distance doesn’t scare me.

“I am most excited about actually getting to one of the projects in Africa and being able to talk to the schools about what I have done, and see some of the schools and the work that Water Aid have done.”

Mr Sutton will set off in the early hours of June 12 with a cycle group from Blackheath.

To donate, visit justgiving. com/ed-sutton for his Water Aid page, and just giving.com/ed-sutton1 for Street Child of Sierra Leone