A team of model boat enthusiasts hope to sail a 16ft destroyer 250 miles down the Thames for charity.

The ship is the largest working model of the HMS Daring type-45 destroyer and was created by members of the A-Team Boatyard (ATB).

The team of 12 started the mammoth task of building the boat in December 2010 and launched it to the pop of champagne for the first time in May 2011.

The 300kg vessel was displayed at 11 shows around the country during 2011 and at the London Model Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in 2012.

ATB now want to sail the 1/32 scale model along the Thames between Teddington and Lechlade over two weeks from May 6 to 17.

ATB member Alan Noble said: “The model is a pleasure to control with just one major factor to keep in mind, you have got to think 100ft in front all of the time because at full speed this ship moves through 100ft of water very quickly.

“As a team we are all looking forward immensely to the challenge of over 250 miles of travelling on the Thames and the pleasure it will give people.

“With an average of 20 miles a day there should be plenty of opportunities for people en-route to see her.”

The model will be accompanied and controlled from a following seven berth Thames cruiser, with a crew of ATB members and two ship dogs.

This journey will take them through 40 locks each way and will pass through Oxford, Henley, Marlow, Maidenhead, Windsor, Staines, Chertsey, Kingston and Teddington on Wednesday, May 15.

The crew hope to raise money for the Royal British Legion and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.