Kingston students travelled back to the 1950s with self-portrait cartoons celebrating the history of British railways.

Twenty-one year 11 students from Anstee Bridge showed off their caricatures from another era at the Kingston Market House yesterday.

The venue was packed to the brim with people admiring their displays, painted by artist David Lewis.

Teaching assistant Jason Philps said: “It was fantastic. The place was full and the Mayor [Councilllor Mary Heathcote] was very entertaining."

The students used their sense of humour to capture the history of rail passengers throughout the ages.

They wrote poems which were put to music by Kingston musician Aaron Norton and broadcast into the Market House.

Mr Philps added: “It really does bring it home when you see the joy on their faces. They are learning, even though they might not know it."

The Anstee Bridge programme exists for year 11 students who, for one day a week, need an alternative to school, giving them confidence through unusual ways of learning and participating.

The exhibition at the Market House runs until Thursday, April 28.