The Liberal Democrats held Berrylands last night as voters opted to keep faith in the borough's ruling party.

Victorious candidate Sushila Abraham won by 187 votes.

She said: "The campaign was fantastic and the response we had from the residents was fantastic.

"I'm absolutely excited about the whole thing, that the Berrylands people have faith in us. I think they trusted in me to do the job."

Conservative candidate Mike Head said: "It's a big disappointment to be honest. I think UKIP have had a much bigger share than normal which might be something we need to take into account.

"I'm hoping to fight this ward next time around. I would like to stand again because it's my passionate patch."

Labour's Tony Banks said: "I'm pleased in a way in that we have doubled our share of the vote and we can't quibble with that in a ward really where historically we have done nothing."

The by-election was triggered by the death of sitting Liberal Democrat councillor Frances Moseley.

The make-up of Kingston Council is unchanged by the result with 26 Liberal Democrats allowing them to run the council, 21 Conservatives and one independent - Tim Dennen - who left the Liberal Democrats in April last year after coming under investigation for alleged benefit fraud.

Berrylands 2013 by-election results

Sushila Abraham Lib Dem 948

Mike Head Conservative 761

Tony Banks Lab 455 

Michael Watson UKIP 175

Ryan Coley Green 112

Turnout 34.46 percent

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