I’ve never really been a big lover of fashion. I do like flicking through magazines seeing beautiful people look great and often wonder how a stylist ever thought the clothing combinations would even work. The clothes look great on the models strutting their stuff so confidently, but if I were to wear them I’d look like a sack of potatoes! Maybe some would call it a fear of looking silly? Perhaps. Not having a sense adventure? Maybe. Or simply a case of I just can’t be bothered. Most definitely.

At the end of the day, I like to be comfortable and don’t really worry about how I look just as long as I’m covered up. Obviously, I try to make a bit of an effort when I’m on the telly, but I have been known to wear the same clothes on many an appearance. And then there was the occasion when I attended an event in the same dress I had worn at the very same event the year before. Yes, this is true, and I only realised when some observant person at the event decided to point it out to me. Very kind of them!

The problem is I walk round the clothes shops aimlessly looking at the rails but never have the drive to get to dressing room and try them on. Then you have the mirrors which aren’t the most flattering and after seeing yourself half naked, drown your sorrows with a bar of chocolate having walked out buying nothing.

So this week I started shopping on-line. I seriously need to spruce myself up and make more of an effort so this was a last ditched attempt before a summer of filming and a few nights out. I have to say it was so much easier as it simply meant I had to click on the clothes I liked, pay and then wait. But then it suddenly dawned on me. If the clothes don’t fit, I’ll have to pack them all up and send them back. Here’s hoping it’ll all be fine otherwise I’ll be back in the shopping centre in a flash.