What on earth is going on with all these moths invading us from every direction, nook and cranny? It’s ridiculous. OK, so they’ve made an appearance here and there over time, but it seems that this year you can’t turn around and not see one lurking in the corner. Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised as we’ve had a mild winter and the conditions have been perfect for these little pests. I mean, last night as I sat in bed relaxing before switching off the light, three of them came at me with no fear whatsoever – you should have seen me flapping about trying to catch them as if I was a scene in a Carry-On film. Michael has even resorted to purchasing clothes moth glue traps which he’s dotted around the house, so we can restore some sort of order!

Part of me feels bad as they are living creatures and need to do their thing, but it does get a little frustrating. While the clothes moth is the start of the problem laying between 30 to 200 eggs at a time, it’s the larvae or caterpillars that emerge from the eggs that feast away. You’ll never find them eating your old ragged tracksuit you still have since 2002 and can’t throw out, oh no, they want to eat your carpets, jumpers or curtains. I have one lovely dress my better half bought for me when we first got together and guess what, there are three holes in it and I’m raging. It’s clean, covered and has had moth repellent near it, but they have still managed to get it! Hey ho, I’m going to get it patched up by the lovely seamstress up the road, wash it, then stick it in the freezer overnight, bag it in clingfilm and then a clothes bag and hope it’ll be safe! Saying that, I’m now off to get the hoover out.