I remember fondly my days at primary school playing in the playground alongside my classmates and other children in the school. I can clearly hear the noise of screams, excitement and laughing that would fill the air and then go deadly silent as the bell rang and we’d have to stand completely still before lining up into forms once the second bell went to head back to lessons. During playtime, I’d amuse myself by making daisy chains on the bank, or I’d play elastics with the other girls, maybe compete in running races to see who was the fastest or just skip to my heart’s content. If you’d have told me at the time there would come a point in my life’s history where I’d be doing the same with my own children, I think I would have laughed out loud. Well here I am doing some of those very things and nostalgia has well and truly set in.

This week I’ve been skipping with my children in the kitchen. My littlest is a demon and just won’t stop and I love how they have been teaching other to get better at it. I’ve partnered with them and watching their faces as we jump together has been so special and I’ll never forget those images of seeing their big beaming smiles. Also this week, I was up at 6am with my eldest as we went out together for a jog and sprint session. It was another beautiful moment spending time, just the two of us, trying to chase each other in the park whilst no-one else was about. It’s been so much fun even though I must confess I am now struggling to walk as the muscles in my legs are so sore with being on the go. But I shan’t complain as it’s motivated me to get back into action, get fit and reminisce about my carefree days when I was younger.