When you get the chance to go to outside events, it’s always a pleasure when the sun is shining and it’s not pouring down with rain and sleet. Well, this was the case yesterday when I was asked to work at the Chelsea Flower Show – it was glorious. This was my second visit to the show, but this time, I made sure I took time to really look at all the exhibits and stalls to see if I could glean some inspiration for my own garden, especially as it may need to be re-landscaped and redesigned over the next few months. There was a fantastic array of colours, creativity and products to see and I have to say, being surrounded by so many wonderful plants and flowers does make you feel incredibly positive!

A few days previous, I had the garden tidied as I it has been neglected for months. It looked like an overgrown mess - plants had died, and patches of the lawn had somehow disappeared. As you can imagine, our gardener was slightly grumpy with us as he worked hard to get it back to some form of normality. As a result, I have now decided that I won’t let this happen again. Some people naturally have green fingers and that doesn’t include me, but I do want to be proud of my garden and make it look pretty and inviting with little maintenance. So, having been educated by garden enthusiasts, I now have a bag full of seeds, including tulips, violas and vegetables for the children to sow. I’m going to invest in some window boxes and pots so that we can start growing our own food and flowers (and stop the little ones digging up any old space in the garden!). I have even bought a little gardening book, so I know when to plant seeds and how to look after them. I can’t wait to get started!