When we first looked round our house before buying it, I wasn’t that keen to be honest. For me, I’m all about an open plan kitchen so that I can invite all my friends over to socialise and importantly a kitchen where there’s space to do lots of cooking in. Well after much debate, Michael convinced me this was the right house for us by promising me I could have the kitchen of my dreams. Well I fell for it hook line and sinker, and nearly nine years later, I’m still looking at the same kitchen! We laugh about it now and many of you will be able to relate to this scenario, but we acknowledge that at least we have each other!

Realistically though, it wouldn’t have been possible to make such major changes what with little people appearing on the scene. The thought of dealing with dust everywhere and workmen in the house during that transitional period in our lives, makes me shudder. But we have now agreed that this is the right time and frankly the thought of it all still makes me shudder! We have decided we are going to extend and try and get some more space as I’m not sure we can cram anymore saucepans into the tiny cupboards. We have even resorted to store some of our baking trays on top of the hob and move them when we need to cook. The clutter simply must go.

But now my head is spinning. Where do you find good builders? Kitchen company brochures are lying about everywhere and I’m having structural engineers tell me about steels needing to keep the back of the house intact. Then there’s lighting, flooring, layouts…. the list is endless. I mean how does it all come together? Well, it was Michael who promised this dream kitchen, so I’ll leave it to him. However, I’m now starting to like the old kitchen having realised the work that needs doing. Please don’t tell Michael!