So today the sun was out, there was a period of clear blue skies and I even saw someone in a tee-shirt! Now don’t get me wrong, it was still a wee bit brisk out there, but I was having to literally peel off all the layers I had on as I was a tad overdressed! Right now, I can’t seem to dress appropriately for the weather we are experiencing - I simply just keep getting it wrong. To be honest, I have found it all a little confusing I mean, I’ve been in thermals trying to get about in blizzard conditions last week, and then this week, it’s as if what happened last week, never happened at all! Usually it takes days for things to get back to normal, but the thaw out happened in a matter of hours here in Kingston (I know in other parts of the country many are still battling with the conditions) so I guess our freak weather conditions have been and gone.

I have to say I did love our week of white wonderland as I’ve decided to call it! The snow just made everything look so beautiful. I know it was quite frustrating for some of us what with the roads being treacherous and trains not working (I had problems getting in to work myself), but I enjoyed seeing the reaction of all the children I passed on the street and even grown adults getting into the spirit of things, loving the fact they could have some fun. A few of my friends took their children sledging in the park and we had a mini snowball fight (Michael got the brunt of it) and had to get the fire going to ensure we didn’t freeze. So I guess, winter is finally over and we have entered our new season with a spring in our step!