Michael and I try and get involved as much as we possibly can in local events and groups and it’s been a real honour for us over the last few years, to be patrons of Creative Youth - a non-profit registered charity that helps young people realise their potential through the Arts by equipping them with the confidence to succeed. It’s been great getting to know the team headed by Robin and to be part of something we truly believe in, knowing first-hand the benefits that can be had by being able to express yourself creatively. So, when the charity asked us to be an auction prize at their last Gala evening which entailed cooking for ten people at Hawkers bar and Kitchen at the Double Tree Hotel here in Kingston, there was no way we could say no!

It took us a while to finalise the menu and before we knew it, the big night had arrived. So last Friday, after a hectic week of juggling work, family and a bit of food preparation, we hit the kitchen as if we were back on MasterChef and in all honesty, the stress levels were nearly just as high. As you may have noticed if you have ever watched a cooking competition show on television, a lot of the time the contestants look completely lost! Well the biggest problem with cooking in unfamiliar territory is that you spend half the time looking for what you need and feel completely out of your depth! Before we knew it, with the help of Head Chef Tony, we had our starter out, then there was the mad rush of the main course followed by dessert – three courses cooked and we’re still not sure how it happened. All were satisfied and to top it all off, money raised for charity. However, I’ve decided, all cooking is best done in my own kitchen!