It was with great pleasure that I was able to attend the Love Kingston Charity Gala Night last Friday hosted by the Mayor, Julie Pickering, to help raise much needed funds for different communities within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames for those in need now and in the future. There were lots of people at the event who I’d never met before and they do amazing things -  giving up their time voluntarily and just generally caring for those in the local area. There were moments where I was moved, as I heard of projects and initiatives like the ‘Vintage Banquet’, which provides a space for socialising and lunch for those in the community who are over sixty. It was a successful night with lots of money raised and it made me think of what I could do to help those closer to home.

It’s also been half term and at the last minute we decided to go away for a few days to North Norfolk, a part of the world we don’t know much about. Even having the opportunity to travel all over the country with my work, I’ve only ventured into Norfolk a few times, so when my dear friend Simon suggested we join him and his family, we jumped at the chance. We booked a place to stay through the Blakeney Cottage Company who thankfully managed to have one or two places left and explored Blakeney and the surrounding areas. We went on beach walks, visited museums and just loved the beauty of the area. I came home in awe of the World and how I’ll always treasure that experience and some of those scenes will stay imprinted in my mind forever. For me, my family are so precious to me and watching them on the beach running around made me put things into perspective once again. Who knows what lies ahead for each of us? So, let’s value each day and each breath we take.