Oh, My Goodness! I am freezing. Seriously, I’m literally cold to the bone and not even jumping into bed at night to warm up is fun because it’s freezing in there too. Yes, it was only a matter of time before I started talking about the weather because everyone else is and I’ve resisted as much as I can. As a nation we are used to the cooler climes, but this is without a shadow of a doubt thermal gear temperatures for sure. Honestly, I don’t mind the cold, but this is another level – it’s like we have all up sticks and moved to the Arctic. The last few days I have looked like Michelin man having to put layer upon layer on yet I still I feel like I’ve jumped into an ice bath and just can’t get warm. Then to make matters worse, once I’ve come in from the outside into a warm office or shop, I must strip off like a mad woman because I’m way too hot!

To make matters worse, I’m also surrounded by people with colds and coughs. Whether it’s my colleagues at work constantly rummaging around their bags for strepsils or flu tablets, friends having to cancel appointments because they are under the weather or my little ones with blocked noses waking up every hour during the night, but I am determined not to get sick and be bed ridden for days with a fever. I’m going to fight this tooth and nail so as a matter of urgency, have stocked up on oranges, spinach and ginger to try and at least boost up my immune system. Who knows if it will work.

I’ll keep you updated on my mission to stay well but on another note our new microwave we bought just before Christmas nearly blew up and set the kitchen on fire this week and the boiler still keeps cutting out! Seriously though you can only laugh and have your fingers crossed that you can get through half term next week in one piece!