I think this month I’ve been jinxed. In January, it’s safe to say we all would like life to slowly pick up pace without too many glitches, especially after the hustle and bustle of the previous month. All I want is to be nicely eased back in to the usual routine and new adjustments of the year, but I guess that would be too much to ask. Now, this run of unexpected happenings all started in December. A week before Christmas when you probably use it more than ever, our microwave conked out without a blind bit of notice causing a power cut in the house. Annoying! I mean, what did we all do before we zapped radiation into our food? But hey, we can’t live without them now, so I made the family rush to Kingston amongst the last-minute shoppers and buy one in the sale.

But it didn’t stop there. Our boiler, which has been playing a few tricks on us over the last few weeks (it isn’t fun when getting out of bed you realise it’s warmer outside than it is in your bedroom) meaning I’ve been waking up with a pink nose and frozen toes! To make matters worse, whilst I was cleaning the carpets the other day, the wheels snapped off the hoover, so now it veers off in the opposite direction and is no use to anyone. Oh, and on top of all that, one of the toilets has stopped working so I’ve had to tape it down to make sure no one accidentally uses it (can you imagine), plus the drain pipe has had a leak and Michael was out in the rain sealing it up.

And breathe.

I’ve decided that I don’t have time to get it all sorted right now, and some things will have to wait. There’s no point getting bogged down (excuse the pun) with it all and one thing I like to do is tackle one task at a time and I’ll think about it in February. What? It’s February already! Anyone know a good plumber?