So here we are at the start of 2018 not quite sure what lies ahead for the forthcoming year. Now please don’t think I’m trying to put a downer on the order of events before it’s even moved off first base, but I’m merely being philosophical about it all. For me, every year I get overly excited about Christmas and the New Year and this time it was no exception. It was a magical quiet few weeks, seeing friends, taking time to relax as well as having quality fun time within our little unit at home. I unashamedly ate way too much, stayed up late almost every night and now am so tired I haven’t the energy to get to the gym to try and burn all those extra calories off! To be honest, I’m not stressing about it too much as I’ll get there at some point because I wouldn’t have changed a thing. But on a more  serious note, obviously as one chapter closes, it’s only natural for each of us to reflect upon all that has happened over the last year -  the successes that made us feel great, the good times which will be remembered and the situations which we probably could  have approached differently. Then there’s also thinking about those who are no longer with us who we miss dearly.

So I’m raring to go and firing on all cylinders and my main goal is to keep enjoying life. Now you may think that’s an obvious statement to make, but it’s quite surprising how many of us sacrifice the simple pleasures that make us happy. A few weeks ago I came across a quote which more or less said that not everyone will understand the journey we each will choose to take, but that’s fine, because we don’t live to make other’s understand our choices. o with this in mind, I’ve got a eclectic mix of goals and new hobbies that I want to try this year. I want to see my friends more and also take more time to relax and actually take it all in. It’ll mean saying ‘no’ to things and also feeling less guilty about what I want to do. Whether or not I achieve what I set out to accomplish, who knows but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I want to wish you all joy, love and posterity for this coming year and also to  thank you for not only your continued support reading my column every week in the Surrey Comet, but  for making this community great!