Disaster has struck in fairy tale land. The characters have escaped and if they don't return to their books by midnight they will be lost forever!

That's the premise behind a new children's show at Colour House Theatre next week anyway that should keep you kids entertained for a day of half term at least.

Once Upon a Fairy Tale has been devised by Rotherhithe-based company Tickled Pink Productions and also includes a drama workshop beforehand through which children can get themselves a spot in the play.

"It's a modern fairy tale about a little boy called Billy who wants to spend all his time on his computer and not read any books," says the company's owner and producer of the show Laura Page, who also stars in it alongside Orla Mullan and Craig Gordan.

"His mum sends him to his room and he knocks the bookshelf over and all the characters escape.

"The fairy godmother then comes to him and tells him he has to get them all back by midnight or the books will be erased from the shelves.

"He gives in and travels with her to fairy tale land and meets lots of the characters and tries to get them back.

"At the end he is not sure if he was dreaming or not but he knows he doesn't want to play computer games any more.

"The play has a lot of modern pop songs in it and he meets Little Red Riding Hood but she is a bit of a diva so it all has quite a modern twist to it."

Before the show starts, children between three and 13 years-old are being invited by the company to take part in a workshop, where they can earn themselves a part as one of the seven dwarfs among other characters, "We will give them a costume and then parts in the play," says Laura.

"Some of them will have lines to say and some of them will be dancers.

"There are also parts for shyer children as well."

Tickled Pink Productions, who will be back at The Colour House Theatre performing Aladdin at Christmas, was only ever intended to do a one-off show in 2002 but such has been its success it has continued growing from there.

"It's just carried on ever since then," says Laura.

"We do shows in primary schools and have been to about 700 care homes across the country as well."

Once Upon A Fairy Tale, Colour House Theatre, Merton Abbey Mills, October 26 to 30, workshop at 2pm and 4pm and performances at 2.30pm and 4.30pm, £7. Call 07879 44 88 21 or visit colourhousetheatre.co.uk.