If you’re planning a wedding to rival Pippa Middleton’s, the wedding specialists at Jockey Club venue Epsom Downs Racecourse have some top tips for local couples on how to plan for their big day.

Expect the unexpected!

Let’s face facts, the Great British Summer is notoriously difficult to predict - blazing hot sunshine one minute whilst the next it’s a torrential downpour so make sure you are prepared for every weather.

If you choose an outdoor venue you need to check there is a good indoor space close by that you can use in the event of bad weather. Epsom Downs Racecourse itself boasts views of the Surrey Downs and the London City skyline which can be utilised rain or shine.

As an extra gift you can provide a fun little weather survival kit containing a disposable poncho, a mini bottle of sun cream and water. Having a stash of umbrellas and towels on hand is also appreciated by wedding guests.

Be clever with your space

If you have a large space you need to fill it well. Use larger decorations or oversized accessories to create a dramatic look your guests will love.

If you’re planning to have a series of smaller marquees or separate rooms you need to make sure that they are all closely linked so you can keep your party together. Clever use of decorating themes can help ‘bridge’ the rooms and create a community.

Lighting tips

While having a wedding outside can provide you with stunning photo opportunities during the day, when the sun sets the darkness can become an issue. Decorating the space with fairy lights, lanterns or torches can add a lovely touch to an outdoor wedding and also create a unique atmosphere. Whether you’re going for a romantic and intimate vibe or more of a party the lighting could be the final touch.