Mesmerisingly beautiful and simple melodies with captivating lyrics, alongside toe-tappingly delightful tunes are Vera van Heeringen’s trademark.

With a background that took her from her native Holland to the flatlands of Wales a decade ago, she has been heavily influenced by rootsy Americana – so it’s no surprise there is a very individual style to her singing and playing.

Dave Luke accompanies on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals, with Andy Seward on double bass. There’s a hint of Gillian Welch about this superbly talented lady.

Vera’s debut album, Standing Tall, was released in 2012 and marked a change of direction after nearly five years of touring as part of the brilliantly comedic New Rope String Band.

With influences firmly rooted across the Atlantic, Vera writes soulful songs and tunes with lyrics and delivery speaking straight to — and from — the heart. A highly skilled instrumentalist, she has long been recognised for her graceful guitar playing.

In 2015 Vera released her second album, Proper Brew, which features a list of musicians who share her musical aesthetic, including Tim O’Brien, Dirk Powell, Rayna Gellert and Kris Drever.

Vera van Heeringen Trio, Ram Folk Club, Old Cranleighan Club, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0HB, March 17, 8pm, £10/£11. More at