National pride is at a peak following the Queen’s diamond jubilee and the start of the Olympic Games.

One company that also celebrates Britain, and its links with the island, is the East India Company.

The company has a long relationship with the British monarchy, dating back 400 years to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I when it was granted a Royal Charter.

In its exploration of the globe, the East India Company brought many of today's very “British” staples - such as tea, chutneys and preserves - to these shores for the very first time.

It was also granted the right to mint its own currency by King Charles II and subsequently built the foundation for the British Empire, making Queen Victoria the Empress of India.

Today, the East India Company continues this tradition of exploration and adventure with a variety of exotic ingredients in its fine food range.

A spokesman for East India Company said: “Our aim today, as it has always been, is to be your agent and find and bring to your table the finest foods from around the world, whoever and wherever you are. 

“We have developed a range of fine food inspired by our history of exceptional quality and provenance.”

An impressive tea selection is available on the company’s website, but the chocolate range really steals the show.

Unusual sea salt, red peppercorn, nutmeg and cinnamon chocolate varieties are all available.

Enrobed fruits and beans also make a quirky gift idea and the beautifully luxurious packaging makes them a lovely thing to give.

The milk chocolate enrobed raspberries, which cost £7.95 for 150g, are particularly heavenly.

The real raspberries are freeze dried to seal in their flavour and texture, then coated in milk chocolate for the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

They are fantastic with ice cream, but equally as enjoyable on their own.
Biscuits, drinking chocolate, coffee, sugars and cordials also make up the extensive product list.

Visit to view the delicious range for yourself.