When people said to me, “You could do with a good hard shake”, I didn’t know what they meant.

Having experienced the joy of Blacks Burgers I like to think I know exactly what they’re saying.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the food was absolutely excellent and speaking personally the 8oz beef burger I had, which was smothered in mushrooms and blue cheese, was second to none.

But, the alcoholic milkshake (otherwise known as a hard shake) was sublime.

Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but I haven’t come across this particular delight before and I wasn’t disappointed.

Served by the friendly and helpful assistant manager, we took his advice and went for a straightforward hard shake, which as I’ve already said, was excellent.

We could however have selected from the following exotic list: blacks russian; white mini mojito; strawberry blackquiri; bail out; nutty jack; espresso amaretto; bubblegum. I shall return to try more.

When it comes to ordering your food, the system is beautifully simple and every taste is catered for.

The burgers are all 6oz and cooked to a juicy medium, unless you request something different. You also get to order a regular side order of your choice as part of the price.

I opted for corn on the cob, but you could go for skinny fries, side salad, blackslaw or bbq beans.

I paid a little more to upgrade to an 8oz burger which was plenty – although for anyone feeling particularly daring they even offer an xxl, with a double serving of everything.

All in all I would heartily recommend a visit to Blacks in Epsom – the service was excellent, the food top notch and as for those hard shakes...

Blacks Burgers
The Ebbisham Centre
1 Waterloo Road
KT19 8AS
01372 726188