A trip to the Powder Keg Diplomacy transports visitors to Victorian London.

The bar and restaurant, in St John’s Hill, Battersea, has a colonial and industrial theme.

We doffed our caps to the portrait of Queen Vic at the front door, while admiring the impressive pith helmet decorations.

A wrought iron conservatory was used as a dining room around the back, where I could imagine myself plonked on a chair next to Charles Dickens sipping gin.

The drinks menu featured cocktails influenced by the Victorians’ innovation, with names like Colony Cocktail and Fog-cutter.

There was also an extensive beer list from British micro-brewed ales.

Diners can tuck into roast dinners on Sundays, as well as pop in for brunch.

An impressive a la carte menu features slow roasted pork belly, pheasant and hake.

My friend and I continued with the theme of good old-fashioned fun and headed to the aptly-named Battersea Mess & Music Hall.

The bar, located around the corner in Lavender Gardens, Battersea, was also decked out in a vintage style.

We drank ginger-flavoured beers and take a table surrounded by knick-knacks.

Powder Keg Diplomacy; St John’s Hill, Battersea; powderkegdiplomacy.co.uk; 020 7450 6457.