An escape from a care home, a deaf rave in Holland, sibling rivalry, a chance meeting at an airport and an autistic teenager who obsessively boxes everything up - all themes being explored in the Wandsworth Film Festival next Thursday.

Five short films, funded through the Wandsworth Film Award Scheme and the Westminster Arts Professional Development Bursary Scheme, with support from Film London, will be showcased as part of the ongoing Wandsworth Arts Festival.

The five films, all of which are signed by a British Sign Language Interpreter, on show are:

  • Molly and Plum by Rupert Raby

    A troubled youth doing community service in a care home partners up with a mischievous resident to hatch an escape plan that ends up changing them both in unexpected ways.

  • Born without a Beat by Oliver Riley-Smith

    A revealing and intimate documentary which follows Lenny in search of the perfect beat for her first deaf rave in Holland.

  • You and Your Sister by Jacqueline Rice

    Hannah prepares the perfect party for sister Emily’s eleventh birthday, but Emily just wants to escape. As they wait for the guest to arrive, tensions simmer.

  • Transit by Chris Roche

    Two people heading in opposite directions meet in an airport. One is returning home from holiday and the other is being deported back to his country.

  • Storage (a trailer) by David Lea

    Jason is an autistic 19-year-old who obsessively boxes up everyday objects as a means of controlling his experiences. In a desperate attempt to communicate, the father uses these items to convey a message to his son.

Wandsworth Film Office, Film Festival, Wandsworth and Westminster Shorts 09, Putney Odeon, 26 Putney High Street, May 21, 6pm, £5. Call 0871 224 4007 or visit