A young woman from Surrey says she will always have a “great connection” to her hometown as she steps into a world of song writing, performances, and pop music.

20-year-old Eden Hunter was born and raised in Surrey and has been producing music since she was 16.

She first entered the world of music by attending the BRIT school in Croydon, where she studied musical theatre and developed her skills as a song writer.

Once graduating from BRIT, Eden distanced herself from musical theatre and drifted towards the realm of pop – as her journey to become a popstar was about to begin.

Surrey Comet:

In 2021, Eden released her debut single Weightless, and has since followed up with two more singles, Chance My Heart and All My Love.

The young performer is no stranger to the stage, as she has already taken a headline spot at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush and Stanley Hall in Norwood, after launching Weightless.

Eden says her favourite thing about being an artist is the live shows and performances, as she “thrives” off the adrenaline whilst she’s performing.

Surrey Comet:

She told Newsquest south London: “I’ve performed at so many new music venues across London – it has been surreal.

“One of my favourites was performing at the Half Moon in Putney, it was a great vibe.

“I love to perform in venues with a rich history of musicians – I’ve even played in the same venue as Oasis.”

Eden has also performed at the O2 Academy in Islington and played in a variety of venues across Surrey.

She said: “When I first decided that I wanted to begin my career in music, I was just playing in restaurants and bars around Reigate, Banstead, and the surrounding areas of Surrey.

“These places are where my career began.

“Performing around the local area will always have a special place in my heart.

“For me, it’s incredible to see how far I’ve come.”

Surrey Comet:

Eden’s love for pop music began when she was developing her skills as a song writer – as she was experimenting with new genres and working with different people.

She explained: “I learnt so much through writing sessions – as I was always looking at new ways to develop my music.

“The music I produce for myself is very cinematic pop - I love all the pop icons that have basically ever lived.”

Eden says she found writing music to be “extremely challenging” at the beginning of her career, as she struggled to come up with original ideas.

She added: “I’ll be honest, writing music at the beginning of my career was challenging.

“I was so used to following a script and redeveloping something that had already been created before.

“Whereas, when you write your own songs, you’re using your own creative ideas that usually have never been done before.

“I learnt song writing skills mostly through lockdown – I had a lot of time to sit and focus, which has developed my mindset as an artist.”

Surrey Comet:

Eden says the first album she “fell in love” with was by Wham, as her mum would often listen to the popular duo whilst dropping Eden to school in Croydon.

Eden has taken inspiration from the pop princesses of today, such as Anne-Marie, Sigrid, and Griff.

But her undeniable love for pop stemmed from music legends – Elton John, Lady Gaga, Queen and of course, George Michael.

She added: “I’ve always admired the total aberration of certain artists.

“I love the extravagant costumes – the way they entertain crowds is so intriguing for me.

“The level of production the mega stars have has definitely inspired me and my genre of music.”

Eden has a bright future ahead, with plans to perform at an “iconic” venue in April, as well as plans in the summer to perform support shows and festivals across the UK in the summer.

Surrey Comet:

She added: “Hopefully by the end of this year I will have released an EP.

“Whatever happens, I will always keep a great connection with Surrey.

“From performing in the local pub to now doing headline shows is such an incredible feeling and I’ll always be grateful to where my career stared”.