A small, independent, business in Marlow has recently won three Great Taste Awards.

Haynes Gourmet, which specialises in making sauces such as cranberry sauce, BBQ sauce and relish, picked up the awards, with more than 12,777 products being sent to Great Taste for examination.

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The company’s winning condiments were their Candied Jalapeno Hot Relish, Candied Jalapeno Cranberry, and Red Candied Jalapenos, with the judges describing the latter as ‘a warming hug from the chilli across the palate’ with ‘superb heat.’

Charity Haynes, founder, and CEO of Haynes Gourmet said: “We are over the moon to have all three products entered this year win a Great Taste Award.

“As a small family-run business, our biggest cause for celebration was being awarded the highest accolade of three Gold Stars for our Red Candied Jalapenos.

“I honestly cannot believe it.

“A few years ago, no-one here had ever heard of a Candied Jalapeño, and people were nervous to try them.

“To win this award not only affirms the Great Taste of our products but will continue to help our online business grow.”

The panel of judges included big names in the culinary industry, with Melissa Hemsley, Anna Jones, José Pizarro, Kavi Thakrar, Xanthe Clay, and Martha Collison all trying out the products, as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, and Waitrose.

In all, products from 106 countries were submitted to the judges with 205 items being awarded a three-star rating, whilst 1,294 products had a two-star rating, with 3,818 items were given a one-star rating.

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The products that were given a star were ranked as one of the best entries with three stars being the highest award.

Haynes Gourmet's winning products saw each of their items receive at least one star, as their Candied Jalapeno Hot Relish received one star, their Candied Jalapeno Cranberry received two stars and their Red Candied Jalapenos received three stars.

To see what Haynes Gourmet in Marlow has to offer, visit www.haynesgourmet.com or call 01494 438173.