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Notice ID: SUT1131071

Notice effective from
26th April 2019 to 26th May 2019

London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

Public Notices




(Reference 19/063)

1. The Council of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames propose to make the above Order under section 84 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended.

2. The general effect of the 20 MPH SPEED LIMIT ORDER will be to introduce a 20 mile per hour speed limit in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in lengths of the roads and streets identified in the Schedule to this Notice. All existing 20 mile per hour speed limits will continue in force.

3. Copies of the proposed Order, a plan showing the location and effect of the proposals and the Council's Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Order-la) can be inspected, quoting Reference 19/063, at the Civic Centre

(Central Reception, ground floor), 44 York Street, Twickenham between 9.15am and 5pm on Mondays to Fridays, except for Bank and other public holidays; and

(b)may be viewed on the Council's web-site at uk/public_notices.htm

4. Persons wishing to object to or support the proposals or any part thereof should write to the Head of Engineering, Traffic and Parking Poliicy , Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ within 21 days of the date of this Notice giving the grounds of their objection. Representations may also be sent by email to

Nick O'Donnell Bitf jj^E

Bitf jj^E

Assistant Director - Traffic and Engineering Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ


All roads, streets and parts thereof to be included in the proposed 20mph speed limit, where any such length of road or street is identified as public highway.

Abbot Close; Abbotsmede Close; Acacia Road; Acorn Close; Addison Avenue; Addison Road; Adelaide Road, Richmond; Adelaide Road, Teddington; Ailsa Avenue; Ailsa Road; Albany Close; Albany Road; Albermarle Avenue; Albert Road, Hampton Hill; Albert Road, Richmond; Albert Road; Teddington; Albert Road, Twickenham; Albion Road; Albury Close; Alder Road; Alexandra Road, East Sheen; Alexandra Road, Kew; Alexandra Road, Twickenham; Allbrook Close; Alpha Road; Alton Gardens; Alton Road; Amyand Cottages; Amyand Park Gardens; Amyand Park Road; Andover Road; Anlaby Road; Appleby Close; Archway Street; Argyle Avenue; Arlington Close; Arlington Road, Petersham; Arlington Road, Teddington; Arlington Road, Twickenham; Arundel Close; Arundel Terrace; Ashburnham Road; Ashleigh Road; Ashley Drive; Ashley Gardens; Ashley Road, Hampton; Ashley Road, Teddington; Atbara Road; Atherley Way; Atherton Road; Atwood Avenue; Audley Road; Augusta Road; Avenue; Gardens, East Sheen; Avenue; Gardens, Teddington; Avenue; Road, Hamptn; Avenue; Road, Teddington; Avenue, The, Hampton; Avenue, The, Kew; Avenue, The, Twickenham; Avondale Road; Back Lane; Barlow Road; Beaconsfield Road; Beard Road; Beards Hill Close; Beards Hill; Beatrice Road; Beauchamp Road; Beaufort Road, Ham; Beaufort Road, Twickenham; Beaulieu Close; Beaumont Avenue; Beaver Close; Bedford Road; Beech Way; Beechcroft Road; Beechwood Avenue; Belgrade Road; Belgrave Road; Bellevue Road; Belmont Road; Beloe Close; Belvedere Close; Beresford Avenue; Berkeley Road; Berwyn Road; Bessant Drive; Beverley Close; Beverley Gardens; Beverley Road, Barnes; Beverley Road, Hampton Wick; Bishops Close; Bishops Grove; Blackmores Grove; Blagdon Walk; Bexhill Road; Bicester Road; Birch Close; Birchwood Grove; Bird Walk; Blandford Avenue; Blandford Road; Bloxham Crescent; Bluefield Close; Bolton Gardens; Bonser Road; Borland Road; Boucher Close; Bracken Close; Bracken Gardens; Braddon Road; Bramley Close; Branstone Road; Breamwater Gardens; Brewery Lane; Briar Close; Briar Road; Brick Farm Close; Bridge Road; Bridge Street; Bridge Way; Bridgeman Road; Brinsworth Close; Broad Lane; Broad Street; Broadlands; Broad Way; Avenue; Broad Way, The; Brook Gardens; Brook Road; Brookwood Avenue; Broom Lock; Broom Park; Broom Road; Broom Water West; Boom Water; Broome Road; Broomfield Road; Broomfield Road; Broughton Avenue; Browning Close; Brunei Walk; Brunswick Close; Bryanston Avenue; Buckingham Close; Buckingham Road; Buckingham Road; Bucklands Road; Bulls Alley; Burdenshott Avenue; Burdett Road; Burlington Avenue; Burnell Avenue; Burnside Close; Burtons Road; Bushwood Road; Bushy Park Gardens; Bushy Park Road; Butts Crescent; Buxton Road; Byatt Walk; Bye Ways; Byeway, The; Byron Close; Cadogan Close; Camac Road; Cambrian Road; Cambridge Cottages; Cambridge Crescent; Cambridge Park; Cambridge Road, Barnes; Cambridge Road, Hampton; Cambridge Road, Kew; Cambridge Road, Teddington; Cambridge Road, Twickenham; Camellia Place; Campbell Close; Campbell Road; Cannon Close; Cardigan Road, Barnes; Cardigan Road, Richmond; Cardinals Walk; Carlisle Road; Carlton Road; Carrington Road; Cartwright Way; Cassilis Road; Castelnau; Castle Yard; Castlegate; Catherine Drive;; Causeway, The; Cave Road; Cedar Avenue; Cedar Road; Cedar Terrace; Cedars Road, Barnes; Cedars Road, Hampton Wick; Cedars, Chadwick Close; Chandler Close; Chapel Road; Charles Street; Charlotte Place; Charlotte Road; Chase Gardens; Chatsworth Place; Chaucer Avenue; Cheesman Close; Chelsea Close; Cheltenham Avenue; Chelwood Gardens; Chertsey Road; Chester Avenue, Richmond; Chester Avenue, Whitton; Chestnut Avenue, Hampton; Chestnut Avenue, Sheen; Chestnut Road; Cheyne Avenue; Chillingworth Gardens; Chiltern Avenue; Chilton Road; Chisholm Road; Chislehurst Road; Christchurch Avenue; Christchurch Road; Chudleigh Road; Church Avenue; Church Grove; Church Lane; Church Road, Barnes; Church Road, Ham; Church Road, Richmond; Church Road, Teddington; Church Street; Church Terrace; Churchview Road; Clare Lawn Avenue; Claremont Road, Teddington; Claremont Road, Twickenham; Clarence Road, Kew; Clarence Road, Teddington; Clarence Street; Clarendon Crescent; Clavering Avenue; Clavering Close; Clevedon Road; Cleveland Gardens; Cleveland Road; Cleves Road; Cleves Way; Clifden Road; Clifford Road; Clifton Road; Clive Road; Clonmel Road; Close. The; Clydesdale Gardens; Cole Park Gardens; Cole Park Road; Cole Road; College Close; Collingwood Close; Colne Road; Colonial Avenue; Colston Road; Common Road; Compass Hill; Coniston Road; Connaught Avenue; Connaught Road, Richmond; Connaught Road, Teddington; Constance Road; Conway Road; Coombe Crescent; Coombe Road; Copthall Gardens; Cornwall Road; Corsellis Square; Cotswold Road; Court Close; Avenue; Court Close; Courtlands Avenue, Hampton; Courtlands Avenue, Kew; Coval Gardens; Coval Road; Cowley Road; Cowper Road; Craig Road; Cranbrook Drive; Crane Park Road; Crane Road; Crane Way; Cranmer Road; Crescent, The; Cresswell Road; Crieff Court; Croft Way; Cromwell Place; Cromwell Road; Cross Deep Gardens; Cross Street, Barnes; Cross Street, Hampton Hill; Crown Road; Crown Terrace, Cumberland Close; Cumberland Road; Curtis Road; Cusack Close; Cyclamen Close; Cypress Avenue; Chalmers Way; Churchview Road; Dancer Road; Darell Road; Deacons Walk; Dean Road; Deanhill Road; Dee Road; Defoe Avenue; Denbigh Gardens; Denehurst Gardens, Richmond; Denehurst Gardens, Twickenham; Denmark Road; Denning Close; Denton Road; Derby Road; Derwent Road; Devon

Avenue; Devoncroft Gardens; Doone Close; Dorset Way; Down Road; Douai Grove; Down Road; Downside; Ducks Walk; Dudley Road; Duke Street; Dukes Avenue; Dukes Close; Duncan Road; Dunleary Close; Dunstable Road; Dynevor Road; Earl Road; East Sheen Avenue; Eastbank Road; Eastbourne Gardens; Edgar Road; Edward Close; Edward Road; Edwin Road; Eleanor Grove; Elfin Grove; Elizabeth Cottages; Elleray Road; Ellerker Gardens; Ellerman Avenue; Ellerton Road; Ellesmere Road; Ellison Road; Elm Bank Gardens; Elm Close; Elm Grove Road; Elm Road; Elmfield Avenue; Elmsleigh Road; Elmtree Road; Embleton Walk; Enmore Gardens; Ennerdale Road; Erncroft Way; Eton Street; Evelyn Close; Evelyn Gardens; Evelyn Road, Ham; Evelyn Road, Richmond; Evelyn Terrace; Eversfield Road; Fairfax Road; Fairfield Avenue; Fairlawns; Farways; Falcon Road; Fanshawe Road; Farm Road; Fearnley Crescent; Fellbrook; Ferry Lane, Kew; Ferry Road. Teddington; Ferry Road. Twickenham; Ferrymoor; Field Lane; Fieldend; Fielding Avenue; Fife Road; Fifth Cross Road; Firs Avenue; First Avenue; First Cross Road; Fisherman Close; Fitzgerald Avenue; Fitzgerald Road; Fitzwilliam Avenue; Fitzwygram Close; Forest Road; Fortescue Avenue; Fourth Cross Road; Friars Lane; Friars Stile Road; Fulmer Close; Fulwell Park Avenue; Fulwell Road; Fulwood Gardens; Gainsborough Road; Galata Road; Gale Close; Gander Green Crescent; Garden Close; Garden Road; Garrick Close; Garrick Road; Garside Close; Garth, The; Garthside; Gaston Bell Close; George Street; Gerard Avenue; Gerard Road; Gilpin Avenue; Gilpin Crescent; Gipsy Lane; Gladioli Close; Gladstone Avenue; Glamorgan Road; Glasbrook Avenue; Glebe Road; Glebe Side; Glebe Way; Glendower Gardens; Glendower Road; Glentham Gardens; Glentham Road; Gloucester Road, Hampton; Gloucester Road. Kew; Gloucester Road, Teddington; Gloucester Road, Twickenham; Gloxinia Walk; Godding Path; Godfrey Avenue; Godstone Road; Golfside; Gomer Gardens; Gomer Place; Gordon Avenue; Gordon Avenue; Gordon Road; Gothic Road; Gould Road; Graemesdyke Avenue; Grafton Close; Graham Road; Grange Avenue; Grange Road; Grasmere Avenue; Gravel Road; Green, The (South side), Twickenham; Green, The, Richmond; Greenside; Grena Gardens; Grena Road; Grenville Mews; Gresham Road; Greville Close; Greville Road; Grimwood Road; Grosvenor Avenue, Richmond; Grosvenor Avenue, Sheen; Grosvenor Gardens; Grosvenor Road, Richmond; Grosvenor Road, Twickenham; Grotto Road; Grove Avenue; Grove Gardens; Grove Passage; Grove Road, Barnes; Grove Road, Richmond; Grove Road, Twickenham; Grove, The; Haggard Road; Halford Road; Haliburton Road; Hall Farm Drive; Ham Close; Ham Common; Ham Farm Road; Ham Gate Avenue; Ham Ridings; Ham Street; Hamilton Road; Hammond Close; Hampton Road (East), Hampton; Hampton Road, Hampton Hill; Hampton Road, Teddington; Hampton Road, Twickenham; Hanover Close; Hanson Close; Hanworth Road, Hampton; Hanworth Road, Whitton; Hardwicke Road; Harlequin Road; Harrowdene Gardens; Hartington Road; Hartland Road; Harvey Drive; Harvey Road; Haslemere Close; Hatherley Road; Hatherop Road; Haven, The; Haverfield Gardens; Haversham Close; Hawkesley Close; Hawkins Road; Hawley Close; Hawthorn Close; Hazel Close; Headway Close; Heath Gardens; Heath Road; Heathcote Road; Heather Close; Heather Walk; Heathside; Hedley Road; Hemming Close; Hereford Gardens; Hermitage, The, Barnes ; Hermitage; The, Richmond; Heron Road; Hertford Avenue; Higgins Walk; High Park Avenue; High Park Road; High Street, Barnes; High Street, Hampton; High Street, Hampton Hill; High Street, Mortlake; High Street, Teddington; High Street, Whitton; Hill Field Road; Hill House Drive; Hill Rise; Hill Street; Hill View Road; Hillersdon Avenue; Hobart Place; Holies Close; Hollies Close; Holly Bush Lane; Holly Place; Holly Road, Hampton Hill; Holly Road, Twickenham; Hollybank Close; Holmes Road; Holmesdale Avenue; Holmesdale Road, Kew; Holmesdale Road, Teddington; Homewood Close; Hood Avenue; Hospital Bridge Road; Houblon Road; Houghton Close; Hounslow Road; Howard Close; Howgate Road; Hyacinth Close; Hyde Road; Ivybridge Close; Jeffs Close; Jillian Close; Jocelyn Road; Johnsons Drive; Jones Walk; Jonquil Gardens; Jubilee Avenue; Katharine Road; Kelvin Drive; Kendrey Gardens; Kenley Road; Kent Drive; Kent Road; Kew Foot Road; Kew Gardens; Road; Kew Green; Kew Road; Kilmorey Gardens; Kilmorey Road; King Edwards Grove; King Street;, Richmond; Kingfisher Drive; Kings Farm Avenue; Kings Paddock; Kings Road, Richmond; Kings Road, Sheen; Kings Road, Teddington; Kings Road, Sheen; Kingsmead Close; Kingsmead; Kingston Lane; Kingsway; Kingswood Avenue; Kitson Road; Kneller Road; Knowle Road; Lacey Drive; Lake Gardens; Lambert Avenue; Lammas Road; Lancaster Park; Lancaster Place; Langdon Place; Langham Gardens; Langham House Close; Langham Road; Langridge Mews; Langwood Chase; Larches Avenue; Larkfield Road; Latchmere Lane; Latham Close; Latham Road; Latimer Road; Lauderdale Drive; Laurel Avenue; Laurel Road, Barnes; Laurel Road, Hampton Hill; Lawns Crescent; Lawrence Road, Barnes; Lawrence Road, Hampton Hill; Lebanon Park; Leconfield Avenue; Leinster Avenue; Lenton Rise; Lewin Road; Lewis Road; Lichfield Gardens; Lichfield Road; Lillian Road; Lime Grove; Limes Avenue; Limes Field Road; Lincoln Avenue; Linden Grove; Linden Road; Lindsay Road; Lindum Road; Link Way; Links View Road; Lion Avenue; Lion Gate Gardens; Lion Road; Lisbon Avenue; Little Ferry Road; Little Green; Little St. Leonards; Lock Road; Locksmeade Road; Lodge Avenue; London Road; Lonsdale Road; Lome Road; Lovell Road; Lower George Street; Lower Grove Road; Lower Mortlake Road; Lower Teddington Road; Lowther Road; Loxley Road; Loxley Road; Luther Road; Lyndhurst Avenue; Lyric Road; Laubin Close; Maguire Drive; Mallard Close; Malvern Road; Manning Place; Manoel Road; Manor Gardens, Hampton; Manor Gardens, Richmond; Manor Grove; Manor Park; Manor Road, Richmond; Manor Road, Twickenham ; Maple Close; Marble Hill Close; Marble Hill Gardens; March Road; Marchmont Road; Marina Way; Mariner Gardens; Market Road; Markhole Close; Marksbury Avenue; Marlborough Road; Marlingdene Close; Marlow Crescent; Marsh Farm Road; Martindale; Martingales Close; Mary Rose Close; Mary's Terrace; Masefield Road; Mason Close; May Road; Mayfair Avenue; Mays Road; Maze Road; Mead Road; Meadlands Drive; Meadow Close; Meadway; Medcroft Gardens; Melbourne Road; Melrose Avenue; Melrose Road; Melville Road; Meredyth Road; Mereway; Road; Merthyr Terrace; Mews, The; Michelham Gardens; Michel's Row; Middle Lane; Mill Farm Crescent; Mill Hill Road; Mill Road; Millfield Road; Milner Drive; Milton Road; Milton Road; Monmouth Avenue; Monroe Drive; Montague Road; Montpelier Row; Montrose Avenue; Moor Mead Road; Moore Close; Moorland Close; Morland Close; Morley Road; Mornington Walk; Mortlake High Street; Mortlake Road; Mount Ararat Road; Mowbray Road; Muirdown Avenue; Mullins Path; Munster Road; Murray Road; Myrtle Road; Napoleon Road; Nassau Road; Nelson Gardens; Nelson Road; Netherton Road; Neville Road; New Road; Newfield Close; Newry Road; Nicol Close; Nightingale Lane; Nightingale Road; Niton Road; Norcutt Road; Norfolk Close; Norman Avenue; Normanhurst Drive; Normansfield Avenue; North Avenue; North Lane; North Place; North Road; North Worple Way; Northcote Road; Northumberland Row; Norwood Close; Nylands Avenue; Oak Avenue; Oak Lane; Oaklands Road; Observatory Road; Old Bridge Street; Old Deer Park Gardens; Old Manor Drive; Old Palace Lane; Oldfield Road; Onslow Avenue; Onslow Road; Orchard Rise; Orchard Road, Hampton; Orchard Road, Richmond; Orchard Road, Twickenham; Orleans Road; Orford Gardens; Ormond Avenue; Ormond Crescent; Ormond Drive; Ormond Road; Ormonde Road; Orpwood Close; Oxford Road; Page Close; Paget Close; Pagoda Avenue; Palewell Common Drive; Palewell Park; Palmers Road; Palmerston Road; Palmerston Road; Paradise Road; Park Avenue, Mortlake; Park Avenue, Whitton; Park Close; Park Crescent; Park Drive; Park Gate Gardens; Park Hill; Park House Gardens; Park Lane, Richmond; Park Lane, Teddington; Park Place; Park Road, Hampton Hill; Park Road, Hampton Wick; Park Road, Richmond; Park Road. Teddington; Park Road, Twickenham; Parke Road; Parkfield Avenue; Parkleys; Parkshot; Parkside; Parr's Place; Partridge Road; Pauline Crescent; Paxton Close; Paynesfield Avenue; Peldon Court; Peldon

Passage; Pembridge Avenue; Penrhyn Crescent; Pensford Avenue; Percival Road; Percy Road, Hampton; Percy Road, Whitton; Percy Way; Perryfield Way; Petersham Close; Petersham Road; Pigeon Lane; Plevna Road; Pond Way; Popes Avenue; Popes Grove; Poplar Court Parade; Portland Terrace; Portman Avenue; Portugal Gardens; Post Lane; Poulett Gardens; Powder Mill Lane; Powers Court; Preston Close; Preston Place; Price Way; Priests Bridge; Princes Close; Princes Road, Kew; Princes Road, Richmond; Princes Road, Sheen; Princes Road, Teddington; Princes Street; Priory Close; Priory Gardens, Barnes; Priory Gardens, Hampton; Priory Road, Hampton; Priory Road, Kew; Prospect Crescent; Pyrland Road; Quadrant Road; Quadrant, The; Queen Annes Close; Queen Charlottes Way; (also known as Charlotte Place); Queen Elizabeth Walk; Queens Crescent; Queens Ride; Queens Rise; Queens Road, Hampton Hill; Queens Road, Richmond; Queens Road, Sheen; Queens Road, Teddington; Queens Road, Twickenham; Queenswood Avenue; Radnor Gardens; Radnor Road; Railshead Road; Railway Approach; Railway Road; Railwayside; Raleigh Road; Randle Road; Ranelagh Avenue; Ranelagh Drive; Ravensbourne Road; Rectory Grove; Rectory Road; Red Lion Street; Redfern Avenue; Redway Drive; Regency Close; Retreat Road; Retreat, The; Reynolds Place; Richmond Bridge; Richmond Hill; Richmond Park Road; Richmond Road; Ridge, The; Ringwood Way; Ripley Gardens; Ripley Road; River Meads Avenue; River Reach; River View Gardens; River Way; Riverdale Gardens; Riverdale Road; Riverside Drive; Riverside; Riverview Gardens; Robin Close; Rocks Lane; Rodney Road; Rosebine Avenue; Rosecroft Gardens; Rosedale Road; Rosehill; Roseleigh Close; Rosemary Lane; Rosemont Road; Ross Road; Rosslyn Avenue; Rosslyn Road; Rothesay Avenue; Roy Grove; Royal Road; Royston Court; Royston Road; Rugby Road; Rumsey Close; Runnymede Road; Rushmead; Ruskin Avenue; Russell Gardens; Russell Road; Rutland Close; Rutland Road; Rydal Gardens; Ryecroft Avenue; St Annes Passage; St Annes Road; St Georges Road; St Georges Road; St Hildas Road; St James's Avenue; St James's Cottages; St James's Road; St Johns Grove, Barnes; St Johns Grove, Richmond; St Johns Road, Hampton Wick; St Johns Road, Richmond; St Leonards Road; St Margarets Drive; St Margarets Grove; St Margarets Road; St Marks Road; St Marys Avenue; St Marys Grove; St Pauls Road; St Peters Road; St Stephens Gardens; St Winifreds Road; Salisbury Road; Sanders Close; Sandpits Road; Sandy Lane, Petersham; Sandy Lane, Teddington; Sandycombe Road; Sandycoombe Road; Saville Road; Sayers Walk; School Alley; School House Lane; School Lane; School Road Avenue; School Road, Hampton Hill; School Road, Hampton Wick; Scotts Drive; Seaton Close; Seaton Road; Second Avenue; Second Cross Road; Selkirk Road; Selwyn Avenue; Seymour Gardens; Seymour Road, Hampton Hill; Seymour Road, Hampton Wick; Shacklegate Lane; Shaef Way; Shaftesbury Road; Shaftesbury Way; Shalstone Road; Sheen Common Drive; Sheen Gate Gardens; Sheen Lane; Sheen Park; Sheen Road; Sheendale Road; Sheridan Place; Sheridan Road; Sheringham Avenue; Sherland Road; Sherwood Road; Ship Lane; Shires, The Shore Close; Short Way; Shottfield Avenue; Shrewsbury Avenue; Sidney Road; Simpson Road, Ham; Simpson Road, Whiton; Sion Road; Sixth Cross Road; Snowdrop Close; Somerset Gardens; Somerset Road; Somerton Avenue; Sonning Gardens; South Avenue; South Close; South Road, Hampton Wick; South Road, Twickenham; South Western Road; South Worple Way; Southfield Gardens; Sparks Close; Sparrow Close; Spencer Gardens; Spencer Road; Spring Grove Road; Springfield Avenue; Springfield Road;, Whitton; Square, The; Stafford Place; Stanborough Close; Stanford Close; Stanley Gardens Road; Stanley Road, Sheen; Stanley Road, Teddington; Stanley Road, Twickenham; Stanmore Gardens; Stanmore Road; Stanton Road; Star & Garter Hill; Staten Gardens; Station Approach, Kew; Station Approach, Hampton; Station Close; Station Parade; Station Road, Barnes; Station Road, Hampton; Station Road, Hampton Wick; Station Road, Teddington; Station Road, Twickenham; Station Yard; Stephenson Road; Stevens Close; Stewart Close; Stirling Road; Stonehill Close; Stonehill Road; Strafford Road; Strathearn Avenue; Strathmore Road; Strawberry Hill Close; Strawberry Hill Road; Stretton Road; Stuart Grove; Stuart Road; Sudbrook Cottages; Sudbrook Gardens; Sudbrook Gardens (Access Road); Suffolk Road; Sunbury Avenue; Sunnyside Road; Sussex Close; Sutherland Gardens; Sutherland Grove; Swan Place; Sydney Road, Richmond; Sydney Road, Twickenham; Talbot Road; Talbot Road; Talma Gardens; Tangier Road; Tangley Park Road; Tayben Avenue; Taylor Avenue; Taylor Close; Teddington Park Road; Teddington Park; Telford Road; Templar Place; Temple Road; Temple Sheen; Temple Sheen Road; Tennyson Avenue; Terrace Gardens; Terrace, The; Thames Street; Thamesgate Close; Thameside; Third Cross Road; Thompson Avenue; Thorne Street; Thornton Road; Tideway Close; Topiary Square; Tower Rise; Tower Road; Towers Place; Townmead Road; Townshend Road; Townshend Terrace; Trafalgar Road; Tranmere Road; Treen Avenue; Treherne Lodge Service Road; Treherne Road; Trematon Place; Trinity Church Road; Trinity Road; Trowlock Avenue; Tudor Avenue; Tudor Close; Tudor Gardens, Barnes; Tudor Gardens, Twickenham; Tudor Road; Tulip Close; Turner Avenue; Twickenham Road, Hanworth; Twickenham Road, Richmond; Twickenham Road, Twining Avenue; Udney Park Road; Union Court; Uplands Close; Upper Grotto Road; Upper Ham Road; Upper Richmond Road; Upper Richmond Road West; Uxbridge Road; Vancouver Road; Varna Road; Vernon Road; Vicarage Drive; Vicarage Road, Hampton Wick; Vicarage Road, Sheen; Vicarage Road, Teddington; Vicarage Road, Twickenham; Vicarage Road, Whitton; Victor Road; Victoria Cottages; Victoria Place; Victoria Road, Mortlake; Victoria Road, Teddington; Victoria Road, Twickenham; Victoria Villas; Victors Drive; Villiers Avenue; Vincam Close; Vincent Row; Vine Road; Vineyard, The; Vinyard Row; Vivienne Close; Wades Lane; Wakefield Road; Waldeck Road; Waldeck Terrace; Waldegrave Gardens; Waldegrave Park; Waldegrave Road; Walker Close; Wallorton Gardens; Walnut Tree Close; Walpole Avenue; Walpole Crescent; Walpole Gardens; Walpole Place; Walpole Road, Teddington; Walpole Road, Twickenham; Warfield Road; Warren Avenue; Warren Road; Warrington Road; Warwick Close; Warwick Drive; Warwick Road, Hampton Wick; Warwick Road, Twickenham; Watcombe Cottages; Water Lane; Watermill Close; Watts Lane; Waverley Avenue; Wayside; Well Lane; Wellesley Crescent; Wellesley Road; Wellington Road, Hampton; Wellington Road, Twickenham; Wellington Road South; Wellside Gardens; Wembley Road; Wensleydale Gardens; Wensleydale Road; West Hall Road; West Park Avenue; West Park Road; West Sheen Vale; West Temple Sheen; Westbank Road; Westbrook Avenue; Westerley Ware; Westfields Avenue; Westhay Gardens; Westminster Close; Westmoreland Close; Westmoreland Road; Westwood Gardens; Westwood Road; White Hart Lane; Whiteleys Way; Whittaker Avenue; Whitton Dene; Whitton Manor Road; Whitton Road; Whitton Waye; Wick Road; Wilcox Road; Wilderness, The ; Williams Lane; Willoughby Road; Willow Avenue; Willow Bank; Willow Cottages; Willow Way; Wills Crescent; Wiltshire Gardens; Winchendon Road; Winchester Road; Windham Road; Windmill Road; Windsor Road, Kew; Windsor Road, Kew; Winifred Road; Woffington Close; Wolsey Road; Woodbine Close; Woodlands Road; Woodlawn Crescent; Woodville Close; Woodville Road; Wordsworth Road; Worple Street; Worple Way; Wyatt Drive; Wyndham Crescent; Yates Path; York Avenue; York Road, Richmond and York Road, Teddington

Dated 26 April 2019



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London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Civic Centre , 44 York Street , Twickenham , Middlesex , TW1 3BZ 08456 122 660


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