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Notice ID: SUT1785174

Notice effective from
16th July 2020 to 15th August 2020


of intention to determine exclusive rights of burial and to remove memorials

1. BY virtue of Section 9 of the Greater London Council (General Powers) Act 1976 the Bandon Hill Cemetery Joint Committee ("the Committee") hereby proposes that the rights of interment in the following graves numbered:-

PLOT A 143 163 270 306 416 481 PLOT B 91 346 387 409 417 440 PLOT C 50 61 215 360 564 PLOT D 34 70 PLOT E 62 73 94 121 174 PLOT F 111 PLOT G 69 PLOT H 25 31 79 207 305 PLOT I 23 88 97 PLOT J 86 139 150 243 322 350 393 419 PLOT K 20 141 210 212 426 PLOT L 213 266 418 432 446 461 490 PLOT M 1 96 PLOT N 43 111 249 281 370 385 PLOT O 15 41 91 140 193 215 239 283 316 PLOT P 289 371 PLOT Q 42 73 95 114 139 149 155 191 445 463 476 501 542 566 PLOT R 86 121 139 161 162 183 198 243 258 265 266 331 PLOTXA 70 73 101 102 103 104 127 152 171 198 205 PLOTXC 151 163 251 377 391 PLOT XD 82 83 102 103 107 108 113 114 119 127 138 151 156 160 161 167 174 186 197 198 204 206 207 221 227 228 229 231 244 246 248 266

("the Graves") be extinguished for the following reasons:-

(a) each of the above mentioned Graves contains sufficient space for not less than one further interment and the right of interment by the present owner(s) has not been exercised for 75 years or more from the date of the latest interment in the Graves OR there has been no interment in the Graves for the period of 75 years from the date of grant

(b) due to diminished space in the cemetery the Committee wishes to use the Graves for further interments

2. THE rights in the Graves will be extinguished not earlier than 6 MONTHS after the date of the later of the two published notices in a newspaper circulating in Greater London OR the date on which the Notice is first displayed at the cemetery OR the date on which the Notice is served upon the owner, whichever is the later PROVIDED THAT if the registered owner or any person who is able to satisfy the Committee that they are the owner of the Graves serves a Notice of Objection giving grounds thereof BEFORE the expiry of 6 months as specified above that such right is not to be extinguished and FURTHER PROVIDED that the Notice of Objection has not been withdrawn then such rights will not be extinguished without the consent of the Secretary of State for the Environment

3. IF any person claiming to be the owner of the graves fails to satisfy the Committee that they are the owner then the matter may be determined on the application of either party to the Registrar of the consistory court of the diocese who shall make an order confirming whether or not the claimant is the owner of such right and as to the payment of the costs of the application

4. ANY claim for compensation by the registered owner or person satisfying the Committee that they are the owner must be made within 6 MONTHS from the extinguishment of the right. ANY compensation payable shall be a sum representing the value of the right as may be agreed between the registered owner and the Committee or failing agreement determined

by arbitration NOTICE is hereby further given in pursuance of the powers contained in Article 16(2) and Schedule 3 of the Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order 1977 that the Committee intends to carry out at its own expense in those graves listed in section 1 above

the following works:- (a) Removal of headstone/cross/tablet

(b) Removal of kerbstones surrounding graves

(c) Removal of spar/chippings and associated foundations

Full particulars of the proposals and the reasons therefore can be obtained from the cemetery superintendent at Bandon Hill Cemetery, Cheam Park Depot, Tudor Close, Cheam, Surrey SM3 8QS Telephone 020 3876 8806

NOTICE is hereby further given that it is the intention of the Committee to begin to carry out the proposals on or after the 1st FEBRUARY 2021 Notice of objection to the execution of such works shall be given in writing stating the grounds thereof and the number of the grave to which the objection relates and should be delivered to the undersigned before the 31st JANUARY 2021 If notice of objection to a proposal and of the ground thereof is given before the above date the proposal to which the objection relates will NOT be carried out without the consent of the Secretary of State for the Environment unless the notice is withdrawn

Dated this 31st July 2020 Cassie Fraser-Shanley

Clerk and Registrar to the Bandon Hill Cemetery Joint Committee


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