Richard Challoner School, well known for its football, is now becoming known for its rugby. On Tuesday 1st May the U13 Richard Challoner rugby team won the Surrey County Shield 13-12 against a strong opponent, Hinchley Wood. The match started with Richard Challoner on the back foot, Hinchley were flying through tackles, winning rucks and malls and getting closer to the try line with every step. Challoner fought back and broke with the ball until Hinchley brought them down again. Hinchley kept Challoner, until the ball broke out from the ruck to Challoner’s inside centre, Alec O’Connor. O’Connor charged through tackles unhindered, putting the ball down for the try: 5-0 to Challoner. The conversion was just wide of the post so the score stayed 5-0.

Hinchley kicked off for the restart and Challoner were back on the ball, running with pace, power and precision, but not for long as Hinchley weren’t giving up yet. The ball came to Alec O’Connor who ran through two tackles, then off loaded the ball to Challoner’s outside centre, Craig McGee. McGee ran at great speed to score a second try for Challoner. At 10-0 at half time, the game seemed in Challoner’s hands. As the second half kicked off, Hinchley were instantly on the ball and smashing through tackles. Hinchley’s No.8 got on the ball and piled over the line for a try. The conversion was successful. Challoner: 10 Hinchley: 7. The ball went back and forth between the teams until Hinchley’s second row got the ball and ran through several missed tackles to score a second try.

With only a few minutes to go Hinchley just had to hang on, but Challoner weren’t giving up the fight. They pressed towards the try line until a penalty was awarded to Challoner. They opted to kick the ball over the posts. Challoner’s kicker Jamie Blanco lined himself up, stepped forward and smashed the ball through the posts. The crowd and players went wild. 13:12 and all Challoner had to do was hold on for thirty seconds more, but Hinchley weren’t letting up. Suddenly the ball broke loose on the floor; it was anybody’s ball, but Challoner’s winger, Ben Marett, whacked the ball into touch to make Richard Challoner the Surrey County Shield winners. A great game of rugby for all to see. Well done Richard Challoner.

Based on information supplied by Ben Marett.