The Worcester Park Tavern really must not be turned into an Islamic Centre and must not be used for any religious purpose. I have no problem with anyone having a religion but the current problem in our communities is housing! Hello anyone out there who is listening.

Abandoned old pubs such as this can easily be used for housing projects such as the one I have in mind.

I would be able to save the local councils millions every years by putting my projects into action.

Not only could I house about 10 people in this property, (people who might otherwise end up on the B&B scrap heap) but I can help those people develop some business opportunities within the building.

The first job obviously would be to bring the property back into use by making sure it is habitable once more. This can easily be achieved by those who choose to live there, with some help from others in the community/ local businesses etc. and the backing of the local council. Anyone from any race, creed, colour or religion would be welcome to help out or offer advice.  

Let's stop allowing rich developers to knock down these interesting and useful old buildings only to replace them with hideous and overpriced blocks of flats. After all who ends up living in these new buildings? From my experience it is rarely if ever those in dire need of somewhere to live and a chance in life. In fact many are left empty for years and many are simply built for foreign investors.

Let's invest in the people who need a hand getting their lives back on track and give them the opportunity to give something back to the community.

If the local councils cannot see this simple solution then is anyone interested in sponsoring such a scheme or participant on the scheme?

There are a number of these "abandoned" buildings in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

 I see them as potential dwellings and business opportunities. We can marry them up with people who need somewhere to live and a business opportunity.

Many of those on benefits actually don't want to sit around waiting for a council home and hand outs. This is just the media stereotyping people in order to boost viewing figures and sales.

Is anyone with me on this?

Please give me your backing or buildings like this will be knocked down and replaced with the ugliness of greed and excessive wealth rather than the sense of community.

Gillian Day