It has come to my attention recently that children in modern day society are truly obsessed with technology. Each day children run home after school to fixate themselves on a screen, oblivious to all external interactions, therefore hindering their development of social skills.

Growing up, i was always taught by my parents that creativity and exploration was and is a vital aspect of freedom and fun. I often spent days in our garden making mud-pies and playing in our sand pit and it’s heartbreaking to think that this year's generations of kids are growing up living ad playing in a virtual world instead of the real one. Just as Netflix is beginning to replace painting and drawing, consoles are replacing physical activity, creating an illusion of being outside or running around on the screen when really the only thing separating them from the real thing is the screen itself .

As well as that, technology is having a serious impact on the younger generation’s freedom of childhood. At ten, i was emailing my friends occasionally to arrange a play date, however ten year olds now days are flaunting their figures on instagram and prioritising views, likes and comments over real-life communications and friendship.

This can cause children to grow up dangerously fast, as they are not restricted from anything that the internet can offer them, leaving them vulnerable and open to exploitation. This may also lead to depression if a child places their self-worth on their online status and appearance because if they do not keep up with their ideological standards, they feel like they aren’t worth anything. This all leads to the child having a serious lack of confidence as they are seeking attention and approval from anonymous followers online who may or may not pay them attention.