How Hard is it to Fall into a Routine?

        September, the month marking the end of summer and a fall back into old routines and habits. For a student like myself, I associate September with back to school and a transition back into the pace of school life. But I often come to wonder, after a long summer break of relaxing and travelling at a leisurely pace, is it best to fall right back into a strict routine and stick to it, or ease into the workload slowly and surely?

    The obvious answer seems to be the latter, in that ensuring the workload is taken on slowly and completed with good time, falling back into old routines would come easier to those who don't take too much on at once. But it may not always be so simple. For some people, it may be easier to begin with an average workload immediately, so that they are prepared for when there may be more pressure and tasks placed upon them in the future. By falling back and obliging to a strict routine, you can get into the right mindset to ensure that the habits you wish to keep up do not fall behind.

    Personally, I believe in both. Both easing back into a routine and ensuring I attend to a strict one are important, because if I do not present myself with a routine immediately, then I may never fall into a pattern. This applies especially with schoolwork, which if left to fall behind, can be difficult to catch up on.

    However, every person is different, and how easy someone finds their daily routine and how often they oblige to it is personal, and therefore there is not a simple answer to this question. 

By Prisca Romano-Stuart, Gumley House School.