Britain’s top tennis player Andy Murray has stepped out on court yet again - but this time he was showing off his football skills.

Murray was joined by pupils from St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, in Putney, as he led a masterclass in Tennis Football.

He taught the youngsters all about his unique warm up act of Tennis Football at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton last Wednesday.

Murray said: “I love tennis and football so they are the perfect combination to get me warmed up before playing.

“The game tests your reactions and footwork although the pressure is off as we aren’t playing for any dares or forfeits.

“The kids have picked it up really quickly - they’ve obviously been watching plenty of Wimbledon and the World Cup.”

The event was organised by Murray’s drinks sponsor Highland Spring to celebrate him reaching the semi-finals of the 2010 Wimbledon Championships.

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