Carshalton boxer Lenny Daws has his eye on a world title and he will “take out” anyone who gets in his way.

The 33-year-old, who trains at Rosehill Amateur Boxing Club in Sutton, fights Ville Piispanen from Finland for the EU light welterweight title on October 13 at Bluewater.

Daws, a former British light welterweight champion, has turned his back on another shot at a British title because the EU crown could be a shortcut to a world title shot.

He said: “Piispanen is very strong, but I have  to take him out and get this win. People say I am getting too old, but I have never felt better. There is no way this will go to 12 rounds.

“You do get the odd boxer who goes on into his 40s. It just depends on how you have lived your life and how you have trained – I have never cut corners.

“One thing I have over Ville is that I have more experience than him. I’ll use that, if needs be, to beat him on points or if I can get the stoppage, I’ll get it."

Daws added: "He’s very strong, he waits some time to attack. He’s going to give it his all. He’s only fought outside of Finland a few times, so he will be out of his comfort zone."

Daws, with a record of 24 wins, two defeats and two draws since his first competitive bout in 2003, has become frustrated waiting for another shot at a British title, saying: "To have another go at the British title could take a couple of years title. People don’t want to fight me – my promoter and I have tried to get it on but they are avoiding me.

"The only way to get it on is by going through eliminators which is a long road and I don’t want to fight for no reason. It could be the middle or the end of next year and I cannot be waiting that long.

"I want to make a move now and try and win this Euro title and the way training is going I cannot see why I cannot do that."

He added: "If I win the European title, it could lead to a shot at a world title.”

Daws’ bout is on the same bill as the 2008 Olympics gold medallist James DeGale’s European super middleweight title defence.