Morden boxer Lenny Daws is waiting on a phone call to tell him where he will be fighting for the European Super Lightweight title.

The bout for the vacant title against Michele Di Rocco was due to be staged in Italy after promotions company OPI 2000 were awarded it by the European Boxing Union (EBU) on January 11.

However, OPI 2000 have missed the 15-day deadline whereby it had to announce a venue.

It has said the bout should take place by April, however, that contravenes a second 60-day deadline, leading Daws’s promoter Mick Hennessey to log a complain with the EBU.

Daws said: “If they are not going to abide by the rules, then they should not get the fight. That’s how I see it, pure and simple.

“I am more than prepared to go to Italy, although being at home would be an obvious advantage.”

Daws has vacated the European Union light welterweight title he won in October for a shot at the EBU championship – whenever that may  turn out to be.