A cycling group has called for greater safety measure after new figures revealed a dramatic rise in the number of bike riders injured on the roads.

Jon Fray, chairman of Kingston cyclists, wants action including more cycling lanes on busy roads in the wake of the new statistics in Kingston.

According to figures released by Transport for London (TfL) this week, 87 cyclists were injured, both seriously and slightly, in Kingston in 2011, up 43 percent from 2010.

Mr Fray met with a safety officer at Kingston Council to ask them to analyse the data from the study to identify and tackle accident hotspots.

He said: “We do not want to jump to any conclusions before the data has been analysed but where problems are identified we would want the council to take remedial action.

“We do not expect them to introduce speed limits on major roads like London Road and Cambridge Road but a cycle lane or cycle track on those roads would be helpful and could tackle injuries.

“This rise in figures may also be a result of more people using bikes which may be proportionate to the figure.”

Leader of the council Derek Osbourne said the authority would look at the figures to see where they could improve but pointed out that injuries in Kingston were among the lowest in the capital.

He said: “Without question this is something we will look at. We are very proud of our road safety record in Kingston which is one of the reasons we were able to bring the Olympic cycling to the borough.”

The total number of pedestrians, motorcyclist and motorist injured on the roads last year also rose - up 4 percent to 443.

There were two fatalities on roads in the borough last year after none in 2010.

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