Pupils from Tolworth Girls School have been rubbing shoulders with the best tennis players in the world this week.

They have been working courtside as ball girls at Wimbledon while global superstars like Spanish former world No 1 Rafael Nadal, defending champion Serbian Novak Djokovic and British No 1 Andy Murray battle it out.

Chloe Greer, 15, and Asuka Peace, 14, were chosen for the major tennis tournament following a rigorous selection process months in advance.

Having attended two-hour long training sessions once a week for six months, the teenagers have been given specialist Ralph Lauren outfits for the duration of their two-week Wimbledon stint.

The pair have also been given matching trainers worth hundreds of pounds and given strict instructions not to wear the all-white shoes anywhere aside from the tennis court.

Year 10 pupil Chloe Greer said: “I don’t really play much tennis, but I have been having fun with it since I became a ball girl – it has got me into it.

“I am excited about being on television, but knowing my luck it will all go wrong – I’ll probably pick the ball up wrong.”

The girls were nominated by their PE teachers for their athletic ability and good behaviour.

Headteacher Siobhan Lowe said: “They are the kind of girls who work incredibly hard.

“I am really proud of them. They make excellent role models for all our other students.”

This year 28 schoolboys from Southborough High School were also chosen to be ball boys in the tournament.