It is apparently not just humans who are worried about the horsemeat scandal.

Adam and Perry, horses from the Horse Rangers’ Association at Hampton Court, cantered down to the Kings Arms Hotel to make sure their relatives had not ended up in the food.

Their riders, Theresa Barrett from Claygate and Becky May from Sunbury, took them along to check out a pie-eating competition, challenging diners to eat five whole pies in an hour.

Although tempted by the minty lamb pie, Perry and Adam were satisfied the homemade pies were horse-free, so headed on their way for a ride in Bushy Park.

Since the competition started on Tuesday, March 5, two people have been successful, with one completing the task in 25 minutes.

The hotel owners, Absolute Pubs, are giving the meal free to those who win the challenge.

For those who do not succeed, 10 per cent of the £20 cost will be donated to the Horse Rangers’ Association.

The pie-eating challenge is running until March 11 and is also running at The Bell Inn at Hampton, The Waggon & Horses in Surbiton and the Flower Pot in Sunbury.