Transport for London (TfL) has revealed tentative plans for improvements to bus stations in the capital, including Kingston’s Cromwell Road station.

Its draft business plan, which sets out TfL’s investment programmes for the next 10 years, states from 2015 “major modernisation” could be carried out involving the installation of energy-efficient fixtures and fittings.

The renovations would “improve the local environment and enhance customer experience”, according to the document.

More details are to be released once consultation has taken place with Kingston Council. Other organisations such as disability groups will also take part, to ensure accessibility.

A TfL spokesman said: “TfL has no firm plans yet for Kingston but will discuss any proposals with the borough and other stakeholders in due course.”

Theo Harris, chief executive of Kingston Centre for Independent Living, said: “If they were looking to change one thing a good one would be an accessible toilet – but not just a bog-standard one.

“We also need to ensure the business plan also takes into account what they plan to do about drivers and their attitudes towards disabled people.”

What the passengers say

Jane Goldsmith, 76, said: “I think the bus stop is not big enough and needs to have more adequate shelter.

"The stop is quite far away from town and it is a nuisance to walk from the Bentall centre, as the other bus stops are always too busy.”

Edward Silver, 50, said: “The bus stop needs an upgrade, such as screens to tell passengers when buses are due.

"The information desk also needs to be open more to give better service to the commuters.”

Student Victoria Jenner, 25, said: “I think the timetables are quite reliable. The energy efficient fixtures can only be a good thing, like the dual fuelled buses that are around.

"I would like the leaks in the bus stop shelters to be fixed, though."