A parent volunteer who regularly organises school cake sales has been nominated as an unsung hero.Yaara Kaplan, 36, of Ellerton Road, Surbiton was nominated by Tolworth Junior School for her volunteer work around the school.

The mother-of-three pops along to the school as many times as she can to help a year three class, work in the library or even clear out an old cupboard.

Lorraine Rhodes from Tolworth Junior School said: "Yaara is always here doing something or the other to help us whether it is cleaning out a cupboard, tidying shelves or helping in the library.

"She is very shy and modest but great at organising the cake sale – she is known as the queen of cakes."

Israel-born Mrs Kaplan worked in a florist and even in charity shops before she realised how much she enjoyed working with children and teachers.

She said: "I used to volunteer in charity shops. The average age was 70 and I am in my thirties so it is much nicer for me to chat with the teachers here. I don’t like sitting at home and doing house work.

"I enjoy coming into the school. Two of my children go here and the younger one is in the infant’s school too."

Mrs Kaplan said she enjoys sowing, spending time with her children and baking in her spare time.

She said: "I have to shout at 300 children pushing and shoving to get to the cakes every time there is a cake sale.

"I’m not a hero – I am just a volunteer helping in the school. Making cakes is like a hobby for me."

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