Friends and family of a young man fatally stabbed in Oceana joined his grieving mother on a march against knife crime as the Kingston club’s closure draws nearer.

Supporters of the anti gang group Lives not Knives walked with Carol Sanderson from the family home in Southall to Ealing Common on Sunday afternoon.

Mrs Sanderson lost her son Jamie following an attack in the Clarence Street venue last month and now plans to begin legal proceedings.

A security loophole through Woo Woo bar, which does not have metal detectors, is believed by Oceana to have allowed a knife to be brought into the club on the night the 20-year-old died.

Mrs Sanderson said: “The day was about trying to get people to bin the knife and save a life.

“These boys need help. David Cameron, all the people in Government they do nothing and it all it just keeps happening. We have to stand up to this now or it will never stop.”

The club has just over two weeks to lodge an appeal against the decision by Kingston Council to revoke its licence before it is forced to close on December 11.

A spokeswoman for parent company Luminar Group said: “We are still considering our position. In the meantime, the club is open for business and we continue to operate our industry leading security measures, which include ID scanning systems and metal detectors, ensuring the public can enjoy a safe night out at Oceana.

“The club employs 200 young people and we will do everything we can to safeguard jobs.”

Meanwhile, a bouncer at another club caught apparently flouting door security days after Mr Sanderson was stabbed has been sacked.

Lewis Anthony lost his job as doorman at the Hippodrome after he offered to use his influence to sneak a reveller into the club without proper identification.

The spokeswoman said: “We would like to stress the customer in question was not underage. However, we have a clear entrance policy as well as industry leading ID scanning systems in place and our employees are fully trained.

“Following an internal investigation we can confirm that the member of staff is no longer employed at our venue.”