A family-of-six were forced out of their council home and into temporary accommodation after mistakes meant they were unable to bid for a home.

Saeed Ahmed, his wife and four children were taken to court by Kingston Council and told to get out of their home in Church Rise, Chessington, where they had lived for two years, if they were not bidding on a council property.

But Mr Ahmed has provided the Surrey Comet with documents showing his auto bid online account was suspended, stopping him from bidding.

The family were moved into temporary accommodation with moulding walls, leaking roofs and an outdoor toilet in Hook Rise North, Surbiton.

Edward Davey, Kingston and Surbiton MP, wrote on his behalf earlier this year and said: “Even a cursory look at his case reveals inconsistency and incoherence.”

Mr Ahmed said: “I am always calling the council, writing to the council. They are always telling me different things.

“Because of everything I am fighting with my wife, all my children. My whole home environment is very difficult.

“Because I can’t speak English well they are playing with me. I need help.”

Although Mr Ahmed has council letters stating he is eligible for a four-bedroom home he is now unable to bid because, according to the council’s bidding website, it would be too large for his family.

A three-bedroom home is shown as too small.

Kingston Council has told Mr Ahmed several times that he has not filled out a housing application form, despite him having proof he already has.

A spokesman from Kingston Council was unable to answer questions posed by the Surrey Comet.

He said: “The council is fully aware of Mr Ahmed’s housing concerns and continues to work with him to try and resolve these where possible.”

Councillor Shiraz Mirza said: “Why did the council not allow him to bid?

“The council needs to answer these questions. He has tons of documents that justify what he is talking about.”