Families of disabled riders have asked for help to raise money for a new horse.

Riding for the disabled groups from the Horse Rangers’ Association at Hampton Court are in need of another horse for special needs children to use.

The youth charity has two squadrons that specialise in teaching youngsters, who have a variety of disabilities, horse management and riding skills.

Riding lessons and the horses help the children’s personal and social development and behaviour, by providing a calming influence and non-human focus that eases social pressure.

One mother whose autistic son is a member of the riding group said riding has been a huge positive influence on his life and it is difficult to find other social activities for him.

She said: “He finds life very tricky, particularly social interactions and understanding and managing his own emotions, easily becoming distressed and sometimes verbally and physically aggressive.

“It helps him make friends, take responsibility for looking after a horse and to work within a framework rather than just to his own agenda.”

Parents are asking the public to help fund a new horse by donating by November 27.

Visit buzzbnk.org/horserangers.